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A Message From Our Founder and Honorary Chairman

The Stronach Group is committed to providing our customers with an entertainment experience that is second to none. Our core product is world-class racing and wagering – whether it’s live and in person at one of our racetracks or transmitted electronically into the homes of our customers. We bring the excitement of horse racing to a global audience via our satellite television network as well as through our online wagering platform.

As one of America's leading racetrack owners and operators, The Stronach Group is also at the forefront of the movement to modernize and revitalize the sport of horse racing. We have built what we believe is the racetrack of the future at our Gulfstream Park property, an entertainment destination in the Sunshine State that combines world-class racing and wagering with a casino, live shows, retail shops, restaurants and bars. And we continue to introduce a number of innovations designed to enhance the entertainment experience for our customers while also drawing new fans to the sport.

Our Philosophy

When it comes to managing the racing properties owned and operated by The Stronach Group, the integrity of the sport of horse racing is paramount.

Our philosophy guides the way we do business and how we manage the day-to-day operations of our racing and breeding facilities. We are committed to providing a safe environment for the horses at our tracks and at our farms, humane living conditions for the backside workers, and an unforgettable entertainment experience for our customers.

Our philosophy is contained in the following ten key principles:

Maximizing Income for Trainers and Owners

We believe that increasing the size of the horse fields is critical to running successful meets and generating greater income for owners and trainers.

Exchange Wagering

We believe that the concept of betting on losing outcomes is contrary to the spirit and integrity of the sport and we therefore oppose the introduction of exchange wagering.

Re-Investing Off-Track Revenues

We believe that most of the money wagered online and at off-track betting parlors should be re-invested into live racing, giving horsemen their fair share of the profits they help generate.

Casino Profits

We believe the sport of horse racing should not be dependent on the profits of slots and racinos in order to be economically viable.

Investing in Racing Facilities

We believe that making capital improvements at racing facilities helps to grow the audience for Thoroughbred racing.

Health & Safety

We believe in providing a safe and healthy environment for the horses and the jockeys.

Life-Changing Payouts

In order to compete with lotteries, casinos and other popular gaming alternatives, we believe that the horse racing industry needs to introduce new and innovative wagers that provide life-changing payouts.

Enhancing the Quality of Life for Racetrack Employees

We support quality housing and benefit programs for backside workers.


We believe in protecting the health and safety of the horses and prohibit the use of all race-day medication at our racetracks.

Horse Aftercare

We believe in re-training and rehabilitating horses after their Thoroughbred racing careers have come to an end and finding good homes for them to live out their remaining years.

Frank Stronach

Founder & Honorary Chairman

Belinda Stronach
Chairman & President
Alon Ossip
Chief Executive Officer
John Simonetti
Chief Financial Officer
Tim Ritvo
Member, Executive Board
Mike Rogers
Member, Executive Board